Guide to unwitnessed fall in health and social care settings-Bathroom

As a health and social care provider in England, if you are informed that a service user
has fallen and no one witnessed it, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Immediate Response: The staff member who receives the information should
    immediately go to the service user’s aid, ensuring they approach the situation
    calmly and reassuringly.
  2. Assess the Situation: The staff member should assess the situation without
    moving the service user, unless they are in immediate danger. They should check
    for any visible injuries and ask the service user about any pain or discomfort.
  3. Call for Medical Assistance: If the service user is injured or unable to get up, the
    staff member should call for medical assistance immediately. They should provide
    accurate information about the situation and follow any instructions given by the
    medical professionals.
  4. Inform the Care Manager: The care manager should be informed about the
    incident as soon as possible. They will need to record the incident and may need
    to inform other relevant parties, such as the service user’s family or social worker.
  5. Document the Incident: The staff member should document the incident in detail,
    including the time, location, how the fall occurred, any injuries, and the actions
    taken. This will be important for any subsequent investigations or assessments.
  6. Review Risk Assessment: Following the incident, the care provider should review
    the service user’s risk assessment and care plan. If necessary, adjustments should
    be made to prevent future falls. This could include installing grab bars in the
    bathroom, providing a shower chair, or increasing supervision during high-risk
  7. Staff Training: Ensure all staff are trained in fall prevention and how to respond to
    falls. This includes understanding the common causes of falls and implementing
    strategies to reduce these risks.
    Remember, the safety and well-being of the service user is the priority. All actions taken
    should be in the best interest of the service user, respecting their dignity and promoting
    their independence.

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