Ofsted Provider & Manager’s Registration for Supported Accommodation and Children's home

Start-Up Package


Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted)

We provide support with Ofsted registration for Supported Accommodation for 16-17 years young people and for Children’s Homes in England. 

Register with Ofsted with seamless processes and systems. We work with you to register Supported Accommodation for young people 16-17 years old.  We support you to register to provide or manage children and young people’s social care services under the Care Standards Act 2000.

Social care services fall into 2 categories. We refer to them as:


Children’s homes (including secure children’s homes), residential family centres and residential holiday schemes for disabled children.


Adoption support agencies, independent fostering agencies and voluntary adoption agencies

Why you need to register with Ofsted?

Before beginning to operate, providers and managers of these establishments and agencies must register with Ofsted under section 13 of the Care Standards Act 2000. It is an offence to operate any of the establishments or agencies listed without being registered.

The Care Standards Act 2000 says that ‘an establishment is a children’s home… if it provides care and accommodation wholly or mainly for children’. Children are defined as people who are aged under 18. Young people aged 18 and over may also live or stay in a children’s home, but they must be in a minority.

Our complete registration package gives you the edge and advantage to start your healthcare business correctly.
Do not leave it to chance. We will work with you so that you get it right the first time, and avoid costly trial and error methods.
We will take away the complexity of Ofsted Registeration in England.
We will Support your Ofsted Compliance under Children Act 1989
Our Policies and procedures will support you to be compliant with the Ofsted registration requirements.

Are you a new provider or you want to add another service?


If you are setting up a new service , whether this is Supported Accommodation for 16-17 years old young people or Residential Children’s Home and providing a regulated activity, you will need to register with Ofsted

You must also take account of the guide to the children’s homes regulations including the quality standards that requires that a provider registers with Ofsted and evidence that they meet the Regulations and Quality Standards of care before they can deliver a regulated activity in England.

Care Quality Support will work with you to make sure you understand what a regulated activity is. The Quality Standards are meant to set a bench mark which providers must never fall below. Ofsted registration may be complicated and lengthy if not done correctly. We will support you to do Ofsted registration.
As a new provider, Ofsted will assess your preparedness and ability to deliver high quality service.
Our team will take you through every step of Ofsted registration to meet the requirements of the Quality Standards.
Our Ofsted registration support and guidance will give you up to date Essential  Supported Accommodation Policies and Procedures and Children’s Home Policies and Procedures.
Registration of Children’s Home with OFSTED so that you meet the regulatory requirement. If you deliver personal care to anyone under the age of 16, you need to register with Ofsted., 

What will be included in the OFSTED Registration Pack?

What you need to register with Ofsted.

  1. Apply for DBS checks through  Capita
  2. Have your statement of purpose ready
  3. Obtain Work references and Medical refence
  4. Complete the online  New Registered Provider  and Registered Manager Application form
  5. Provide documents required to register with Ofsted. The documents may include but not limited to: Care Plans, Young people’s guide, Locality Risk Assessment, Business Plan, Financial Forecast, Annual Reports and Accounts, Contingency Plan, Planning Permission,     
  6. Submit required information (Statement of purpose and Registered Manager application (if applicable)
  7. Review application checklist and submit. 

The Care Standards Act 2000 required registered providers of  social care and
independent healthcare services to register these services at the level of each “establishment” or “agency”.

Location is where the Regulated activity takes place. This is a place to which people are admitted for the purpose of receiving a regulated activity or a place in which people live as their main or sole place of residence in which they are educated and they receive care or treatment or a branch of an agency providing care. A location is not a private address of a person who uses the service. A location is where the regulated activity will be legally carried on and managed from. For the purpose of registration, Ofsted may refuse your application if they that find your premises are inadequate. For example, if people’s records are not kept safely and securely. Contact Care Quality Support’s customer service centre for guidance about location, location location.

Social Care  Service provider is required to  a Responsible Individual. This is the key contact with the  Ofsted. Responsible Individual is responsible for supervising the regulated activity and can be the same person as the Registered Manager for Supported Accommodation, but needs to be a different person for a Children's  Home. The Responsible  Individual must demonstrate understanding of the Ofsted Standards and Regulations in the sector, meet the expectations of  Ofsted, be willing to develop themselves as a leader, ensure registered manager has support, focus on quality, ensure the service has safe staffing levels and be able to build and maintain external relationships. Shape culture of the service, network and learn with other Responsible  Individuals and champion excellence in the organisation.                      The Registered Provider must ensure that the registered service manager has the appropriate skills and experience to manage the supported accommodation
undertaking effectively and complies with the relevant fitness requirements in the
Regulations. This includes a requirement that the Registered Service Manager must have experience of having worked for at least two years, within the five-year period before the day on which they apply to register, in a position relevant to the residential support of
children or adults. 

There is no formal limit to the number of settings that a registered provider can run, but the registered provider must ensure that the registered service manager can effectively supervise the management of all the settings in the service and will also be accountable if the registered service manager fails to do this.


The current qualification recommended for those wishing to become a registered manager is the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's Services (England) . As part of the registration process, you will need to attend interviews and answer questions. You’ll need Disclosure and Barring Service checks countersigned by Capita. You must get these before you can submit your application. There is no guarantee that the application to register as a manager will be granted. Before applying for Ofsted registration, prospective manager must have

  • relevant qualifications
  • current, up to date training in: safeguarding, complaints handling, medication, consent, mental capacity, health and safety and human resources
  • written proof of all your qualifications and completed training.

Ofsted might also recognise qualifications under
previous systems, including:
■ Registered Managers Award (RMA)
■ NVQ Level 4 in Leadership and
Management for Care Services
■ NVQ Level 4 in Health and Social Care
■ Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health
and Social Care
■ relevant nursing, physiotherapy, social
work or occupational therapy qualification
■ degree or masters degree related to social
care.                                                                        There may be no more than one full-time equivalent registered
service manager for the service at any one time, but this can include a job-sharing arrangement.

If the registered provider runs a service of two or more categories of supported
accommodation, the registered service manager must be equipped with the skills and experience to run both/all categories. 



Ofsted assesses whether each person connected with a registration is ‘fit’ to provide the service and/or manage it. Each person must:

  • have the relevant skills, qualifications and experience for the position they hold
  • be able to meet the relevant requirements of fitness

You need all these in place and available for Ofsted to check during assessment:

  • business plan
  • financial forecast
  • statement of financial viability from an accredited financial specialist
  • policies and procedures
  • quality assurance system
  • statement of purpose

Registered Manager and Responsible Individual must demonstrate that they are fit and proper to run the service they propose to set up. 

Ofsted assesses your fitness by:

  • scrutinising the information that you submit with your application
  • carrying out checks, including reference checks
  • interviewing the Responsible Individual and Regisgered Manager and anyone else connected with the registration.
  • visiting the proposed premises for visual and compliance inspection. 

Ofsted also considers relevant information about any previous applications you have made, even if you withdrew the application before a decision was made, and any registered establishments or agencies that you have been or are currently connected with.

Policies and procedures must be up to date and properly present. Having policies and procedures on its own is not enough for Ofsted registration. Registered Manager and Responsible Individual must evidence their understanding of the policies and procedures.  Care Quality Support  will supply you with over 80 essential start up policies and over 60 optional policies.  Our Ofsted registration support will include support with:

List of documents required for Supported Accommodation OFSTED Registration

  1. Contingency plan / Business Continuity Plan-
  2. Safeguarding policy and procedures
  3. Complaints policy and procedures
  4. Missing child policy and procedures
  5. Equality Policy and procedures-
  6. Behaviour Management policy and procedure
  7. 2 years of accounts for your holding company
  8. Young people’s guide
  9. Certificate of insurance
  10. Statement of purpose
  11. Locality Risk Assessment
  12. Annual reports and accounts
  13. Cashflow forecast
  14. Business plan
  15. Completion of SC1 form
  16. Completion of SC2 form

Why Choose Us To Support You With CQC Registration?

We have many years of expertise in supporting new and existing providers to register with CQC, helping them to set up and develop their businesses, and achieving a great deal of financial return.

Save Money & Time

We have worked hard over the years to processes that are time saving and efficient, so that you hit the ground running. You need to focus on what you do best, to deliver a safe, profitable and efficient healthcare service.

High Success Rate

Our support services guide you to success in no time at all. We work with you to make sure you succeed from the beginning. Our success rate reassures you that if we work together we will achieve faster registration.

Faster Business Growth

Faster growth is assured when you start it right. Your path to profitability will be made easier if you choose to use our systems.

Free Mentoring throughout

Care Quality Support will offer free Registered Manager and Nominated Individual mentoring and coaching services in preparation for registration interview.

Compliant Policies & Procedures

Up to date Domiciliary Care, Supported Living and Residential home policies and procedures. Our policies and procedures that you use for registration are regularly reviewed.

Using CQC Portal

We will be discussing the registration and application processes. We will also explore the use of the CQC portal and the continued benefits of using the portal once registered.

Get Started

Let us help you get your business started today. Ring us or click the button below and we will talk you through the process and get you started in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we are always asked:

Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 6

The nominated individual should be appropriately skilled with the necessary qualification(s), knowledge and experience and demonstrates the competency required to supervise the management of the regulated activity .They should be an employed director, manager or secretary of the organisation. You can nominate the same person to be the Nominated Individual  and Registered Manager. It is up to you who to nominate, as long as they meet these criteria. 

Being a trained nurse does not automatically qualify you to be a registered manager with CQC. New and aspiring registered managers should work towards the Level 5 Leadership and Management for Adult Care’. 

CQC might also recognise qualifications under
previous systems, including:
■ Registered Managers Award (RMA)
■ NVQ Level 4 in Leadership and
Management for Care Services
■ NVQ Level 4 in Health and Social Care
■ Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health
and Social Care
 relevant nursing, physiotherapy, social
work or occupational therapy qualification
■ degree or masters degree related to social

Regulated activities are listed in Schedule 1 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014. You need to be registered to deliver a regulated activity. 

The regulated activity of personal care consists of the provision of personal care for people who are unable to provide it for themselves, because of old age, illness or disability, and which is provided to them in the place where those people are living at the time when the care is provided.

A statement of purpose for a business describes what you do, where you do it and who you do it for.

You have to include a statement of purpose as part of your application and it must include:

  • your aims and objectives
  • the services you provide
  • the different needs of people who use your service
  • your contact details
  • your service’s legal entity
  • the places where services are provided.

Ofsted registration may take up to 10 weeks from start to finish, depending on a lot of other things. In order to reduce the time, new providers need to conduct their pre-registration preparation properly. This may mean investing in appropriate support from highly competent people for correct guidance as there is need to evidence how providers will meet the Quality Standards (amongst other requirements).

The simple answer is No.

In the United Kingdom, the regulation and management of supported accommodations and children’s homes fall under different legal frameworks and requirements. Generally, it is unlikely that one person can be registered to manage both supported accommodation and a children’s home simultaneously due to the distinct responsibilities and expertise required for each type of setting.


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