Starting An Ofsted Registered Children's Home in England.

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If you are planning to set up a children’s home in England, you must register with the appropriate authorities before opening it. According to the Care Standards Act 2000, it is an offense to run a children’s home without the appropriate registration. The registration process is designed to prevent unsuitable people from owning, operating, managing, or working within children’s homes 

Set up your Children service business with seamless processes and systems. Our complete kit gives you the edge and advantage to start it correctly. Do not leave it to chance. We will work with you so that you get it right the first time, and avoid costly trial and error methods.

Setting up a children service requires proper planning. You need to have the appropriate policies and procedure, business plans, Risk Assessment, Qualified and competent staff. 

Setting up a children’s home in England involves a thorough process that includes oftsed legal requirements, regulations, and considerations for the safety and well-being of the children in your care.


What you have to consider when setting up a Children's Home include:

Why Choose Us To Support You In Setting Up Your Children's Home?

At Care Quality Support, we have many years of expertise in Health and Social care business and marketing consulting, partnering with healthcare providers in UK, helping them to set up and develop their businesses, and achieving a great deal of financial return.

We know how expensive and annoying it is to devote time and not get the desired outcomes.

We provide a team of highly skilled and experienced support team.

We know Health and Social Care business in UK, so when you speak to us, we’re well equipped to help you with whatever problem you might have.

Our Regulation 44 (Independent visitor) services supports your home to keep on top of all regulatory requirements.

Our Pre-inspection  Mock Ofsted inspection prepares you for a better outcome.

Save Money & Time

We have worked hard over the years to design a product that is time saving and efficient, so that you hit the ground running. You need to focus on what you do best, to deliver a safe, profitable and efficient service.

High Success Rate

Our support services guide you to success in no time at all. We work with you to make sure you succeed from the beginning.

Faster Business Growth

Faster growth is assured when you start it right. Your path to profitability will be made easier if you choose to use our systems.

Policies & Procedures

We have worked hard over the years to processes that are time saving and efficient, so that you hit the ground running. You need to focus on what you do best, to deliver a safe, profitable and efficient healthcare service.

OFSTED Inspection Support

Our pre-inspection Ofsted Mock inspection prepares you to make sure that your service is up to date and compliant with regulations and standards. Mock inspections help you to prepare, achieve and succeed in running an outstanding children’s service.

1:1 Leadership Support

The success of any children’s service is determined by efficient support from the Responsible Individual and Registered Manager. We have packages to support development of your leadership and Management skills so that you deliver an outstanding service.

Residential Children Services

Registration with the Regulator (OFSTED)

It is very important that before operating a children’s home, the provider must make sure they comply with the regulations. Care Quality Support will support you from the beginning. Making sure that before you operate a children’s home, all regulatory requirements are met.

Location, Location and more

Before investing into a new property for your children’s home, due care and due diligence must be taken. Making sure that there is a need for such a service in the area. Most Local Authorities operate a preferred supplier’s list  that they use to offer  tenders. We will work with you to make sense of the process and waiting time as you may have a home and not be able to easily access tenders within your locality.

Staffing matters in children's services

As a highly regulated sector, anyone who wishes to open a children’s home must be aware of the need to have qualified staff and a Registered Manager. An experience Responsible Individual is also required. Care Quality Support will work with you to identify and recruit talent in your chosen area.

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