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Supported living as a model for housing with care and support

What is supported living?

Supported living refers to schemes that provide personal care to people as part of the support that they need to live in their own homes. The personal care is provided under a separate contractual arrangement to those for the person’s housing. The accommodation is often shared, usually as a small group, but can be single household.

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Starting a Supported Living Business in England, Wales and Scotland.

When setting up a Supported Living business in England, Wales and Scotland, there are many things to consider and many pitfalls to avoid.  Adults Supported Living  Services can  provide  care and support to help people live as independently as possible in a person centred way in properties where they have their own accommodation tenancies or own their properties. 

 Supported Living enables:-

  • Adults with learning/physical disabilities or sensory problems
  • Adults who have mental health problems
  • Older people
  • Adults who have spent time in hospital rehabilitation due to a brain injury
  • Adults and young people with a disability who have spent time in residential care and are moving towards independent living or transitioning to adulthood.
  • vulnerable ex-service personnel and ex-offenders to live as independently as possible within their own homes and in the local community.
  • Depending on the needs of the individual, Supported Living  support varies from a few hours a day to 24-hour support for people with complex needs.

    Some of those living in their own home share support, while others have individual support. With supported living, people have greater choice over many aspects of their lives.

Launching a Supported Living can be an even more steep learning task. Providing Supported Living services requires providers to manage a complex range of conditions. It is therefore important to have good quality policies and procedures that will guide you to deliver  an outstanding Supported Living service. 

Supported Living can be with personal care, which is a regulated activity   (of which you will need to register with Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England, Care Inspectorate of Wales or Care Inspectorate of Scotland)  or without personal care of which you do not need to register with these organisations.

With supported living, the people:

  • usually choose who lives with them, who comes into their house, and who supports them

  • have more security of tenure

  • have their own keys

  • pay bills and buy their own food and other items

  • are supported to be good tenants

  • choose whether to shop and cook on their own, or as a group.

Categories of Supported Living Services

Sheltered & Extra Care Housing

Extra care housing is specialist housing designed for older people. It is similar to sheltered housing but also offers help with personal care and household chores, so it may be suitable for people who have higher or changeable care needs.

Short-term Supported Housing

These are designed for people who only need support for a short period (or in crisis). Within a fixed timescale, people are supported to learn the skills they need to move on to greater independence.

Long-term Housing

For people who have been in hospitals for long periods and people needing greater degree of support. Usually refers to occupancy of up to 12 months and beyond.

What is included in the start up package when setting up adult Supported Living Service include:

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CQC Registration

Our CQC Provider registration & Registered Manager registration support service saves you time and money. Our support team will guide you through the seemingly complex application process. We will guide you so that you increase your chances of success. Do not take a chance as failure to register may be more expensive especially when you have commitment significant amount of time setting up.

Choosing the right model

With so many different supported living models, our support team will work with you to identify the most appropriate model of support to meet your needs. We will walk you through all the options. We will make sure you are left alone to discover by mistake due to lack of due diligence and consultation with the appropriate stakeholders.Our success rate works to your advantage. We will work with you all the way.

Tendering & contracts

New providers face the biggest challenge in getting their first resident. It is not enough to be registered by CQC. You need the skills to write and comply with requirements of various Local Authorities and Private client’s tenders. Our tender writing team will guide you so that you eventually deliver quality and successful bids to be on the Dynamic Purchase Systems and Preferred suppliers’ list.

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