Starting A Temporary Staffing Agency

Customised Start-Up Package For A Temporary Staffing Agency


Set up your Temporary Staffing Agency business with seamless processes and systems. Our complete kit gives you the edge and  advantage to start it correctly. Do not leave it to chance. We will work with  you so that you get it right the first time, and avoid costly trial and error methods.

You need to have a correct business plan, good staff recruitment processes, payroll and accounting systems. Your marketing material need to be appropriate and relevant.  

Our staff will work with you until you are happy and we will support you from client acquisition to management development. 


What you have to consider when setting up a Temporary Staffing Agency include:

Why Choose Us To Support You In Setting Up Your Temporary Staffing Agency?

At Care Quality Support, we have many years of expertise in Health and Social care business and marketing consulting, partnering with healthcare providers in UK, helping them to set up and develop their businesses, and achieving a great deal of financial return.

We know how expensive and annoying it is to devote time and not get the desired outcomes.

We provide a team of highly skilled and experienced support team.

We know Health and Social Care business in UK, so when you speak to us, we’re well equipped to help you with whatever problem you might have.

Save Money & Time

We have worked hard over the years to design a product that is time saving and efficient, so that you hit the ground running. You need to focus on what you do best, to deliver a safe, profitable and efficient service.

High Success Rate

Our support services guide you to success in no time at all. We work with you to make sure you succeed from the beginning.

Faster Business Growth

Faster growth is assured when you start it right. Your path to profitability will be made easier if you choose to use our systems.

Policies & Procedures

We have worked hard over the years to processes that are time saving and efficient, so that you hit the ground running. You need to focus on what you do best, to deliver a safe, profitable and efficient healthcare service.

1:1 Leadership Support

The success of any service is determined by efficient support from the Responsible Individual and Registered Manager. We have packages to support development of your leadership and Management skills so that you deliver an outstanding service.

Temporary staffing Agency

Provide appropriately experienced temporary staff, who start assignments fully briefed.

Deploy stringent vetting procedure to meet safeguarding requirements.

You should continuously assess each candidate placement, seeking client feedback. If any problems arise, the situation must be investigated and appropriate action taken immediately.

Care Quality Support will provide you with initial training to prepare your staff team for the work ahead. Training will cover sales and marketing, operations administration, Payroll, Recruitment procedures and Information technology.

Part of the package is to provide you with the branded stationery. You will have business cards, letterheads, complimentary slips, time sheets and company profile brochure.

Part of the package is to set you up with high quality branded graphics covers on Google Business Location, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Get Started

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