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You will have 24/7 access to up to 140 Supported Accommodation 16-17 Years Olds Young People's Policies, Procedures, Guidance and Forms. Our policies can be accessed online via our portal.

We support organisations to set up CQC and OFSTED  compliant Supported Accommodation services for young people aged 16-17 years  policies and procedures. We offer fully editable policies and procedures (in Microsoft Word). You will have the ability to customise them to meet your own unique needs. The complete Supported Accommodation for 16-17  years old  young people  package will include. Policies and Procedures, Forms, Letters, Guides, Quality Assurance/Feedback.

Supported Accommodation services for young people aged 16-17 years  Policies and Procedures should provide you guidance to deliver as safe, high quality responsive, caring, effective and well-led organisation. The policies support young people in Supported Accommodation to promote high quality of life and encourage independence  and preparation for adulthood. 

Our model policies can be purchased as a package or you can select specific policies to meet your organisational needs.

The policies are organised in an easy to follow structure divided into the following sections:

Business Operations

Policies that will support your business to delivery high quality service. From Anti-Bribery policy to Social Media Policies.

General Administration

Policies that will give you guidance on how to deliver a safe service in a compliant way that meets CQC regulatory requirements.

Organisation, Staffing And Recruitment

Detailed guidance on recruitment and staffing operations to make your service operate efficiently. Some of the policies are: Safer recruitment policy and procedures, Disclosure and Barring Service, Managing Allegations Policy, Disciplinary Policy and procedure. Guidance on working with the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO).

Care of Young People

This gives you guidance on how to deliver outstanding care and support to the various service users that you may work with. Some of the polices and procedures are: Child Sex Exploitation policy and procedure, Missing person policy and procedure, Safeguarding Policy and Procedures in line with “Working Together to safeguard children” Guidance 2018.

Job Requirements & Job Descriptions

This gives you details of up to 19 various jobs that you can potential employ within your organisation.

Staff Training & Development

Staff training and development is the backbone of your business. We give you policies and procedures that make it easy to deliver outstanding training.

Record Keeping & Confidentiality & Data Protection

We give you policies and procedures that will make you compliant with record keeping, confidentiality and data protection. Any breaches of these these regulations may result in fines and negative publicity of your business.

Quality Assurance Management System

This gives you details of how to manage and monitor your systems to make sure you are compliant with all the various regulations in line with OFSTED guidance

Cost (Customised)

£1 850.00

You can purchase single a policy for £34.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we are always asked:

We cover  regulated and unregulated activities within Health & Social Care, for all regulations and compliance. This includes policies and procedures for Domiciliary Care Agency, Supported Living, Semi-independent 16+, Care employment agencies, residential homes and children services. 

Yes we do. We will customise your policies to meet your needs. You will need to give us some information that we will use to customise your policies and procedures. 

We use a secure shared file that can be access by as many staff as you wish. We are also flexible to send them in any way that is convenient to you.

We offer regular update service that covers changes in Compliance, Regulations and Law.

The policies and procedures can only be shared by authorised people including your own staff team. You are not able to share with other providers who have not subscribed to our service. 

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